How to Feel Safer When Using Your Electricity?

Electrical Installation Services Tips Every Homeowner Needs to Know


Most of us take electricity for granted, as it is always available at the flick of a switch. However, have you ever considered how dangerous electricity actually is? No, well then you need to read our electrical installation services post to find out more.


Knowing your electric panel

Even as early as the 1990s, faulty electrical panels were still being installed in new homes. Certain brands, such as Zinsco, Federal Pacific, GTE/Sylvania, and ITE Pushmatic, that are no longer manufactured and pose electrical hazards were being used. These can cause fire hazards. When your electric panel feels hot to the touch, switch everything off immediately, and call in a professional.


Understanding breakers

These should be considered your friends, and even though you find their interference irritating when they start to trip, you should heed their warning, as they are trying to tell you something, is wrong, whether it is too many appliances or gadgets are being connected to the same circuit or something else. When possible, try to reconfigure your appliances, and should the breakers keep on tripping, then call in professional help.


Making friends with your fire extinguisher

To date, the only safe way to extinguish electrical fires is by using a fire-retardant chemical fire extinguisher. Under no circumstances should you ever use water; as it actually conducts electricity. Put fire extinguishers on every floor of your home, and learn how to use them and when they need to be replaced.


Feeling your outlets

Put your hand on each outlet in your home, any warm or hot ones are trouble. A warm outlet may mean a dangerous situation is brewing, such as an electrical load on a circuit is too high, the wiring is melting, or the wiring is not up to code or is loose. And, note if the outlets do not hold plugs, or if the outlet is loose on the wall. You should replace any two-pronged outlets with newer ones, and any outlets close to water must be switched to code-correct GFCI ones. Call an electrician to handle these requests.


If you are looking for Bozeman, MT based electrical installation services, call us at Jacobs Electric Inc now at (406) 213-3106. As the phrase states, “it is better to be safe than sorry”!

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