Never Disregard Safety When Working With Electrical Systems

Tools Used by a Commercial Electrician 


Safety should always come first when working with electrical systems, especially for commercial establishments. To avoid costly property damage and serious injuries, hiring a licensed commercial electrician is a must. Just like home remodelers, electrical experts also use the necessary safety tools. To learn more about these safety essentials and how they work, continue reading this page.


Insulated Gloves

This typically looks like a dishwashing glove or the ones you use when cleaning the toilet. Unlike construction gloves, insulated gloves used by electricians are thicker and have more cushion for additional grip when holding electrical tools.


Insulated Matting

A commercial electrician must lay this material on the floor to avoid electricity from flowing all over the area. This tool is typically used on floorings made of metal (when working close to switchboards or transformers) and other high voltage areas.


Short Circuit Kits

If short circuits happen, have the presence of mind to stay away from damaged electrical wiring or components and call an industrial electrician in your area. They will use a short circuit kit to determine the exact damage and the current flow in the wires. They will also know what safety precautions to follow.


Warning Tapes

This safety tool is attached to visible areas to remind property owners that the electrical systems are yet to be repaired or are not yet safe for use. They come in different colors and signs. Electricians also use this when they are away and no one is watching over their work.


These safety tools are utilized to ensure safety and quality service. When it comes to impeccable electrical services, Jacobs Electric Inc is the commercial and residential electrician you can trust in Bozeman, MT. To know how we provide our services, call us at (406) 213-3106 today. We will wait for your call.

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